Welcome to 30 60 90 Medical Sales

30 60 90 provides the tools to get you the medical job you want. Let us help you impress hiring directors with a tailored resume, cover letter, brag book and sales plan. Our products let you put your best foot forward, demonstrate your talents and experienceto moveaheadin your career.

Why 30 60 90? As opposed to general career sites, our team has been working and recruiting in the medical industry for over two decades. We know what hiring directors want and have a wealth of experience helping candidates get jobs.

Resume services include writing and editing resumes for the following professional fields: Clinical, Executive, Sales and Research and Development to ensure your talents and experience come across on paper.

30 60 90 Sales plans include step by step instructions for filling out your plan so you can demonstrate to the hiring manager you understand the company's mission, goals and how you are going to overcome any challenges in the field.

Cover Letter services can tailor your skills to specific job postings to help get you in the door. We help showcase your skills and what you can do for the company.

Resume templates allow you to create your own professional resume, targeted to the job you want in the medical field. Our templates help you lay out your experience and expertise in a clear and attractive manner.

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